Monday, September 19, 2016

MCVB Splits First NESCAC Weekend

We had our first weekend trip with our full team, which was nice.  We headed to Hartford, CT to play Trinity on Friday night and Wesleyan on Saturday afternoon.  We arrived early at Trinity, despite trying to leave at the right time, allowing everyone to stay in class and get lunch beforehand, but it was fun stretching our legs walking around the campus before having to play.  Our only freshman to play this weekend was Chellsa, who started her college debut with a service ace, which was fun to see, and we tested out our 6-2 offense. 

I felt we had a very good first NESCAC match, meaning it was close and we had to stay composed and come from behind in at least one set to pull out a win.  The 2nd set went to extra points before we got the win 27-25, and in the 3rd set, we got out to a large lead, but in typical NESCAC fashion, Trinity stormed back and made the third set a hard fought battle.  We regained our control and pulled out the straight set victory with a 25-20 final set score.  Our hitting % was .309 as Mel, Alice, Isabel, Sarah and Eliana were all over .300!  Here's the link to the Trinity Stats.

The hotel was very nice, and playing at 2pm Saturday allows us a relaxing start to the day after being able to recover and sleep in a bit also.  We found a DD, which is always fun, and we got a short walk in to get there, so that was nice also. 

Wesleyan proved to be a tough contender as we played our first 5 set match.  We're still finding our groove, which looks good at times, and needs polishing at times, which is to be expected this time of year.  Looking at the game metrics, it was a very even match minus one stat:  blocking.  Here are the Wesleyan Stats.  They seemed to have our number a bit, which forced our hitters to find other options--a very good exercise, which we definitely improved upon as the match progressed, but not quite enough to pull out the victory.  As long as we learn from this setback, we'll  keep improving and keep moving forward, which is our daily goal!

We'll continue our quest at improvement this week with a full week of Home Volleyball.  We're back on the court Wednesday for our Home Opener against St. Mikes at 7pm, and again on Friday night at 8pm vs Hamilton, and Saturday at 5pm vs St. Lawrence.  If you're in the area, come on out to see us play all week in Pepin Gymnasium!  Homecoming is Saturday, so there are fun activities all weekend long both in the Gym and all over campus!  Come join in!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Melanie Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Senior Melanie English was recently elected to Phi Beta Kappa based on her work through junior year.  This a very distinguished academic honor, and we are very proud of our Mel!  Only 13 seniors were elected, 5 of whom were athletes.

Nice job MIDD athletes, and congrats to Melanie!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Welcoming Our New Team Members!

In a team ceremony yesterday, the captains welcomed our newest team members by presenting them with their MIDD Jerseys!

 #15 is Gigi Alper, a defensive specialist from Mill Valley, CA.  She is the younger sister of Lauren Alper '16 for those that know our Program history!

 #16 is Beth Neal, a right side hitter from Franklin, MA who is also planning on joining the Track and Field team here at MIDD.

#20 is Chellsa Ferdinand, a setter from Queens, NY who was already featured in a post on our instragram from this summer along with Gigi for their spring/summer volleyball endeavors with club/beach volleyball!

Lastly, pictured to the left we welcome our Team Manager, who is from CA and was a February Freshman last year.  While this will be her second semester at MIDD, it'll be her first Fall with us!  She's already figured out how to use the iPad for our stats program, and will be traveling with us when she can, which will be great.  She helps out a ton in practice tossing balls, keeping score, and taking stats!

WELCOME you four!!  We're excited to get started this weekend, and are sorry that our Freshmen can't travel with us, but they'll be off having fun with Orientation activities of various kinds!

Let's GO MCVB 2016!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016 Season Begins!

The 2016 season has begun, and I'm already behind on my posts!  I'm going to recap all of pre season right now, and then hope to keep everyone caught up on our season going forward.

We're also posting on instagram @middvb, and also Facebook on a page titled Middlebury College Women's Volleyball, so when I figure out how to properly link them all in one place, I'll get those links here on the Blog for easy access to all things MCVB!

Our season started on August 29th when everyone moved in, and we gathered for the first time at my house for the season opening Team BBQ! We were missing Claire, who had RA duties that day, but were joined by our Faculty Affiliate, Pat Manley, and our Trainer, Judd Mackey and his family, some of whom made the picture.  I think only one of my kids actually made the picture (Lois), and neither of Brian's girls made it as they're all (except for Max) teenagers now!

After the BBQ, we had a day of "administrative details" where we sign forms, do some team bonding activities, and talk about things we need to talk about, ranging from team expectations, goals and team culture,  to anti-hazing, NCAA forms, Green Dot, and the campus culture.

And, then, we started practicing, which included several days of double sessions, and some extra "fitness" which may or may not have included running hills and resting in cool mountain streams.  Doubles culminated last night in an inter-squad scrimmage.
Today was the first real day of not having double sessions, so we celebrated with a shorter practice followed by a "lollygagging session" in the pool!  This of course included spelling out MCVB by both floating (which wasn't as readable from above), and then mostly standing to form the letters, which was much easier to read.  There was some "Martha Washington" hairdos and some diving in the deep end that didn't make the team blog, but I think the pool session was a very positive and needed break!

 We're headed to Union College on Friday to play four matches (SUNY Oneonta, Skidmore, Union and Susquehanna).  Unfortunately, we won't have our freshmen with us as they finish up Orientation with trips of various kinds this weekend, but then we'll all be back together for a week of practice before our first NESCAC weekend on Sept. 16-17.


Monday, July 25, 2016

MIDD Honored by AVCA for Team Academic Excellence

The AVCA has come out with their Team Academic Awards for the 2015-16 school year.   MIDD Volleyball has achieved this award for academic excellence every year since we started applying for it, which is quite impressive in my opinion.  With a Team GPA of a 3.6, I'm very proud of these young women!  Way to go, Team!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Belated (and partial) Update from Our Juniors Abroad

I'm a little late with my updates from our juniors abroad, but I'm trying to catch up on sharing a bit about their adventures with everyone, so here goes:

Mel was in Cordoba, Spain, and had a fabulous time.  She even emailed me a bit in Spanish, but I think that means she was loving her time there!  :)  She wrote that she'd visited the Mezquita a few times (although, I'm honestly not sure what/where that is), and said the city itself was a beautiful mix of ancient and more modern streets and architecture with a lot of orange trees making the air fragrant when walking down the streets.

 She also said that winter there is like early summer in VT, which is pretty nice, I'd think.  She also did some traveling to places like Malaga, and commented that she enjoyed watching shows like Law & Order dubbed over in Spanish.

Hannah was in India and even played some volleyball with her school for a month or so until their season ended, which was fun!  She was studying Hindi and Urdu (which she said was close to being Hindi, just in the Arabic script), in addition to taking Indian history and an Indian authors writing in English class.  She commented on the pollution in Delhi and the trouble that she and other students had breathing when trying to exercise outside which was appalling to hear, but interesting in a weird sort of way.  (Thank goodness for the clean VT air!)  A highlight for Hannah was eating the delicious food there, and also getting to travel around.  I think she went to Himachal and Darjeeling, which she said were beautiful natural places at the foothills of the Himalayas--very cool.  She's now living and working back at MIDD for the summer and is working out with Alice, who's also working at MIDD for the summer.  

In the next installment of "what I did while studying abroad", we'll highlight both Gabi and Charlotte, so stay tuned!  Happy Summer everyone!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Middlebury Maple Run Features Family and Friends

The Middlebury Maple Run is tagged as "Vermont's sweetest half marathon and relay."  It's a great run, and is becoming a destination run, which is great for the town and the State.  I'm late in posting this, as it's scheduled during the Spring sugaring season.  The weather didn't exactly cooperate this year, but it looked like everyone was having a great time anyway, and it was nice running weather, really.

Lizzy's parents both came up and ran with her, which was awesome.  A half marathon is just a good workout day for this FIT Family!  I think they could all run full marathons, as Lizzy is preparing to do this summer as part of her Ironman Triathalon! :)
And, Kathryn got her friend Mary to do the race with her, or at least part of it.  Kathryn has been very active with the Special Olympics all four years here, and she convinced Mary that she could do this!  Kathryn and Mary did it as a relay, although Kathryn did the whole thing by running the first half, and then walking and jogging the last half with Mary.  Great job, ladies!!  I'm so proud of Mary for finishing, and Kathryn for encouraging and supporting Mary with her goal!  Excellent job, everyone.  Way to represent, MCVB family!!